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The Straightaway Team

All Members

Mike Mutka

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Benzian

Chief Operating Officer

Sherry Johnson

Chief Clinical Officer

Erica Mancuso

Director of Client Care

Brady Keeter

Director of Product

Bill Glass

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ramez Mikdashi

Director of Sales Operations and Marketing

Former CNA

Vince Baiera

Director of West Coast Enterprise Sales

Shane Kramer

Director of Central Enterprise Sales

Victoria Papalian

Director of Strategic Projects

Adrian Thiessen

Director of Finance

Kelly Prince

Senior Instructional Designer

Former CNA

Josh Ryan

Manager of SMB Sales

Former CNA

Grace Danks

Lead Business Analyst

Jill Morris

Regulatory Support Specialist

Joseph Nelthorpe

Business Development Specialist

Jimissa McLean

Business Development Specialist

Jeremy Petty

Account Executive

Cameron Simmons

Account Executive

CNA Certified

Seth Coley

Client Support Specialist

Lindsay Medlin

Content Marketing Producer

Thomas Laubuhr

Sales Operations Specialist

Lori Kurimsky

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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