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Become Your Own Training Site with Straightaway

Becoming your own Nurse Aide training site with Straightaway

Facilitators vs Instructors: What's the Difference?

Instructors vs. Facilitators: What's the difference?

Move Over Learning, Here Comes Innovation!

Move over learning. Here comes innovation!

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Are you a staffing agency?

Nope! Our goal is to provide long-term care facilities with the tools to find, train, and keep new Nurse Aides on their own. We do not source Nurse Aides or Nurse Aide trainees on behalf of our clients.

Are you approved in my state?

We just might be! Check out our customer map to see where we are approved for use and where we already have programs in place.

How long does the regulatory approval process take?

The length of the approval process varies from state-to-state but we typically plan for a 90 day timeline. In many cases, with timely submission and follow-up, the approvals have been significantly less than 90 days. For a look at where we have pending approvals and we were are approved, take a look at our customer map.

Do I need to find my own instructor?

Yes -- an instructor is required in training programs per Federal guidelines. We are happy to support providers with securing a suitable instructor if one has not already been identified.

Is there a syllabus?

We help programs create a custom syllabus based on the given state’s hours requirements and the program's preferences for course structure.