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Train the next generation of CNAs through the power of story
Accelerate learning with high quality online CNA training.
Realistic course content, in HD video quality

CNA Edge: TRAINING, an online training program, is the result of a two-year collaboration between learning experts, healthcare professionals, filmmakers, and technologists. Together, they have developed a realistic curriculum that is designed to engage, inform and prepare trainees from a full range of educational and cultural backgrounds.

The 60-hour course is tailored to meet your state’s requirements and gives you the flexibility to choose the delivery method: purely online or as an instructor-led course. The curriculum contains over 650 videos, tutorials, simulations, worksheets, quizzes, practice tests and documentation samples. The user interface is intuitive and highly interactive, making learning both easy and fun.

CNA Training. Anytime. Anywhere.

CNA Edge: TRAINING features The Residents, a Hollywood-quality mini-series. The protagonist of The Residents is Marissa, a new CNA, who struggles to adjust to her role during the first few weeks on the job. The series and the story allow CNA trainees to truly understand the challenges and rewards of becoming a CNA, including the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a frontline caregiver. Click here to view The Residents trailer.

You and your CNAs will benefit from:
Free up and empower your nurse educators
The program requires less staff time to manage, so your nurse educators are freed up from preparing and delivering most CNA training lectures. Instead, they can use CNA Edge: TRAINING videos to facilitate discussion amongst trainees.
Flexible Start Dates
You don’t have to wait for a cohort of candidates to form. Trainees can begin coursework at any time.
Better Prepared CNAs
The program introduces trainees to real-life situations so new hires know what to expect from their first day on the job.
Standardized Training Accoss Sites
Candidates at all your sites will get the same high-quality training no matter who is leading the program.