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CNA Edge
The Next Generation of Healthcare Training

Staff shortages make the role of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) one of the most in-demand healthcare positions in the United States. But with CNA turnover rates often exceeding , the healthcare industry needs to do more than provide traditional CNA training to candidates. CNA Edge is a comprehensive suite of learning tools and support services that provides content specifically tailored to the real-life needs of skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care employers. CNA Edge’s online training modules prepare today’s CNA candidates for the realities and demands of the job.

CNA Edge: A Comprehensive Talent Management Solution
CNA Edge is a comprehensive solution that allows skilled nursing employers to qualify prospective CNA candidates, prepare trainees, and support newly-hired employees during their first 90 days and beyond.
CNA Edge: PREP is an online expectation-setting module that allows candidates to determine if a career as a CNA is for them.
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CNA Edge: TRAINING is a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to prepare CNA trainees for both the job and the state certification test.
CNA Edge: SUPPORT is a suite of tools that helps healthcare organizations and managers to motivate and retain their CNAs.
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Sneak Peek
The centerpiece of CNA Edge: TRAINING is a Hollywood-quality mini-series, The Residents, that tells the story of Marissa, a new CNA.
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