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Predictions for 2019

“It’s clear that this problem of CNA vacancies is real, costly, and getting worse, and we are well positioned to offer the best solution in the market.”

Straightaway Team    
January 16, 2019

Last week we talked about our best takeaways from 2018 and today we look ahead to this year! We at Straightaway are so excited about all that 2019 has in store for us. Read on as our employees muse about what they hope 2019 will bring for us, our customers, and the industry.

Brady Keeter, Director of Product, acknowledged that the industry will undergo some major changes this year. “With the pressure of a new payment model, Skilled Nursing Facilities will be faced with looking for ways to save money,” she said. “They will need to rethink staff shortages and look to do things differently. This will include taking a hard look at their staffing methods and how much they are overspending on them.”

This is key for us at Straightaway because, as our CEO Mike Mutka said, “It’s clear that this problem of CNA vacancies is real, costly, and getting worse, and we are well positioned to offer the best solution in the market.”

Brady continued, “Straightaway can help these organizations develop a custom strategic plan to drive the creation of their own Nurse Aides. This plan will ensure organizations can react to their specific turnover and expected vacancies.”

Brady also thought about how our product will evolve this year saying, “In keeping with our momentum at the end of 2018, we will continue to increase the number of users on our system, expand our regulatory approvals, and gain data insights regarding the learners on our platform.”

Grace Danks, our Lead Data Analyst, believes that 2019 is Straightaway’s year to shine! “We have exciting new features coming to our platform that will continue to revolutionize Nurse Aide sourcing, training, and retention,” she said. “Straightaway is pushing forward to solve one of the most critical challenges facing skilled nursing facilities today, staffing shortages. We will continue to be a partner in providing the highest level of care to families and loved ones by training the next generation of Nurse Aides.”

After successful approvals and a warm reception in many new states in 2018, we are hungry for more! Client Success Specialist, Seth Coley, has high hopes for our existing customers as well as our data gathering, “We definitely want to get approval in more states – especially here in North Carolina,” he said. “Getting our new sourcing product up and rolling will be huge for us and our clients; then we will be able to find, train, and retain staff for these nursing facilities. I’m excited about our content update too! With all of this, getting more people to go through the program and gleaning more data from our students will be important for us. This will set us up for continued growth in the long-term. I’m excited to continue on our trajectory from last year.”

Mike summed it all up for us by saying, “In 2018 we took some huge strides forward in getting Straightaway ready to expand nationally.  We learned so much last year that has positioned us to better serve our existing customers this year and further revolutionize the industry. We are going places in 2019!”

Stay tuned to see what we get up to you this year! Want to talk to us about starting up your own CNA Supply Chain? Contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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