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How to Be an Effective Leader

It’s important for your front-line staff to have supportive and effective leadership – but being a leader isn’t always easy!

Lindsay Medlin    
January 30, 2019

It’s important for your front-line staff to have supportive and effective leadership – but being a leader isn’t always easy! We’ve outlined some clear things to keep in mind as you manage your team.

Become a Role Model

Employees typically look to their managers for guidance in times of trouble. Experience is the best educator, so be open about your experience with the people who you manage. Help your CNAs understand why you are the one sitting in the boss’ chair and what qualifies you to manage them.

Invite Feedback and Dialogue

It’s important to leave space for your employees to provide input. Initiate a two-way dialogue of feedback and encouragement with your staff. This ensures that employees will feel comfortable sharing their opinions, experiences, and concerns.

Set Clear Expectations

It is crucial that your employees are completely clear on the expectations at hand. Additionally, it sets up a foundation for your employees to provide feedback down the line.

Reward Your People

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Let your employees know how important they are but regularly praising them for good work and offering incentives for going the extra mile.

Grow Your Leadership Skills

In additional to other workforce management and education tools, Straightaway provides our customers with a comprehensive leadership program to help their managers do the best by their front-line staff. Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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