Instructors' influence on CNA staffing and organization quality is undeniable. As the number of CNAs needed across the country continues to grow, so does the need for CNA candidates to train and, ultimately, fill those positions.
A Day in the Life: Introduction
Brady Keeter, Director of Product at Straightaway, reviews her research on the day in the life of key industry professionals. To better design a product that works for our customers, Brady needed to step into the shoes of those on the frontline. Check out this introduction to her thoughtful series.
A Real Perspective on a Really Hard Job
Everyone knows the old adage, "Nurses eat their young," but is it true? Vince Baiera details his experience as a CNA and how while Nurse Managers may have the best intentions, it's hard to be a CNA who is afraid to ask questions.
A Textbook Can’t Prepare You Like the Real Thing
Vince Baiera details his experience as a CNA at UPMC Healthcare. In this vlog, he expresses the importance of keeping an open mind and not being afraid to ask questions.
View Our Webinar! Straightaway SUPPORT Demonstration
Our very own Brady Keeter hosts this webinar where she outlines the key features of Straightaway's SUPPORT. Brady is joined in this webinar by guest host and Advisory Board member, Sherry Johnson.
Getting the Flow of Healthcare by Becoming a CNA
"I started my career and...boy was I in for a shock! Even though I was in nursing school, there were still things I was learning every day that were surprising me."
Changing the Landscape of CNA Stories…
Becoming a CNA wasn’t what I dreamed about growing up. After high school, I needed a job and it seemed like a good place to start. I signed up for a class at the local community college, gathered some scrubs, the right shoes, and a bit of curiosity.
California Announces Amendment to Allow Online Training
This week, California took an important step forward to prevent critical shortages of Certified Nurse Assistants in long-term care. This is exciting news for us at Straightaway!
Straightaway’s Training Courseware Now Available in 47 States
In the last 18 months, we’ve made significant strides in bringing our groundbreaking TRAINING courseware to more skilled nursing organizations across the country. Click for a quick update on where we stand as of October 2018.
Serving Others Through Sales: Why I Work for Straightaway
Serving others has been a strong thread throughout my career. When I started my first teaching job, one of my major initiatives was to learn how to best serve my students and parents. Serving others is all about your ability to add value to the organization, to students, or, specifically
What Teaching Taught Me: The Power of Story
We’re thinking bigger -- about the problem we solve. Our #1 job at Straightaway is to reduce staff shortages for skilled nursing facilities. We’re changing the landscape of CNA training, by way of the power of story.
From CNA to Straightaway: A CNA Story
How could textbook-based training held 30 minutes away from the residents I’d be helping possibly prepare me for the unique situations I’d face as a new CNA? Dealing with unique and difficult residents, cleaning up various and sundry messy situations, and building relationships with people who were nearing the end
A CNA’s Perspective on Clinical Training
Seeing the genuine gratitude expressed when helping a resident return to a freshly made bed or assisting them in enjoying some quality time outside help make up the little victories that mean so much – the gems that set this role apart from all others.
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