Control Your Destiny

…or at least your Nurse Aide Supply Chain

Straightaway offers the most direct route to a sustainable solution for your CNA shortage problem. We provide you with workforce planning and education software to certify new CNAs at scale. In other words, we help you establish your own CNA Supply Chain.

Gain insight on your Nurse Aide workforce gaps and find the best candidates for training

Provide Nurse Aide candidates with realistic and engaging training content designed to meet your state’s requirements

Support your new Nurse Aides with management tools created to make your whole team successful

“While looking for solutions to Nurse Aide staffing and retention, I ran across Straightaway’s program. This program is research-based and has a realistic approach to the position of Certified Nurse Aide. The training to become a Nurse Aide is excellent and the mentoring program to retain them afterwards is a great new approach that has been needed for a long time. I can’t wait to track my improvement in Nurse Aide training and retention”.

Diane O. Gatlin
Administrator at Thomasville Health Care & Rehabilitation Center

“Straightaway offers us the opportunity to train new Nurse Aide with a proven and modern approach to retention. Both the instructional content and app-based support would have taken us years to develop on our own and are well worth the investment.”

Blair Contratto
President & CEO of Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart

“We reviewed several vendors to help us implement a Nurse Aide school. We chose Straightaway because of the ease of the online training program. With the ability to customize the lesson plans to the state-specific requirements and videos embedded within each lesson plan, we saw huge value in no longer having to hunt for a link or a DVD at a specific time -- it flows very smoothly. We were also impressed with the quality of the videos, as they not only demonstrated clinical instruction, but they also touched on the frustrations and feelings that are going to come with this job, and our belief is that this type of training will better prepare nursing assistants for the sometimes harsh reality of the things they will encounter.”

Kathryn Mejia
Director of Talent Acquisition at Sun Mar Nursing

“Straightaway has been the partner that our hospital district has been searching for to kick off our certified nurse assistant training! From sales to training, the entire team has been easy to work with and are very knowledgeable and committed to a good experience. I have had the privilege to sit in on the training of our instructors and have been quite impressed with the detail put into the courseware. We look forward to starting our first training and receiving feedback from our students!”

Leo Travis Sanders MA, LNFA
CEO & District Administrator of the Stratford Hospital District

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