Online Learning and Retention Services for the Healthcare Industry
CNA Edge
The first of our online training solutions designed to reduce healthcare staff shortages and equip you to enhance patient care.
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Certificate Programs
Online learning experiences that put healthcare professionals on the fast track for the most in-demand jobs and certifications.
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CNA Edge: For Skilled Nursing Facilities
CNA Edge gives you the tools to qualify, train, and retain a team of committed Certified Nursing Assistants and reduce your annual turnover costs.

Qualify candidates to determine who is committed to becoming a CNA.

Prepare and train candidates for the demands of caregiving to ensure they provide excellent patient care.

Support new CNAs with surveys, manager feedback, and mentoring so they are set up for success.

Why Straightaway Health Careers?

Straightaway Health Careers provides employers with exceptional online training and retention services to prevent shortages of healthcare support staff, reduce turnover and improve their bottom line.

At Straightaway, learning experts collaborate closely with healthcare employers to identify key personnel challenges and develop training solutions accordingly.

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Straightaway Health Careers is a sister company of Relias Learning
Helping prevent shortages for high-demand healthcare support jobs.​​​​​​​